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Course information


Bike course:


Olympic Triathlon (2 laps = 40km)
Sprint triathlon (1 lap = 20km)


The track along the asphalt road of good quality. The camber of 1 circuit is 100m. The competitor is obliged to have the cycling helmet marked with the start number on during the whole race and must have a clearly visible starting number on the back part of the race. Cycling after leaving the Transition Area in Ratnovská Bay leads through the villages of Ratnovce, Sokolovce, Jalšové and is marked along its entire length. Behind the village of Jalšové there will be a turnaround at a sufficient visible distance with regulated traffic. For the Olympic triathlon, the turn to the second round will be on the main road in the village of Ratnovce. There will be no refreshment station on the cycling course.


Run course:

Olympic Triathlon (2 laps = 10km)
Sprint triathlon (1 lap = 5km)


Athletes will run on the asphalt surface and pavements with low curbs. The starting number must be clearly visible to the competitor on the front of the body from the Transition Area to the finish. There will be two refreshment stations on the track, the first at the start of the run and the second at 2.5 km at the turn of the Krajinský Bridge.

Swim course:


Olympic Triathlon (2 laps = 1.5km)
Sprint triathlon (1 lap = 750m)


Both beginning and the end of the swimming laps are located in Wake Soul. The swimming course is marked with buoys. You will swim in the counter-clockwise direction so that you always have the buoy on your left. The competitor is obliged to use a swimming cap, which is part of the starter pack. Depending on the temperature of the water, the race director may authorize the use of a swimming neoprene

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